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Biale Cerruti Art Gallery

Born in Siena in 1997
from the collaboration of Edgardo Cerruti and Irina Biale.

Their friendship dates back to the time of the university when, attending the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa, they realized they shared a passion for art. After graduating, Edgardo remained in Genoa while Irina moved to Siena. Meanwhile both continue to frequent artists, museums and galleries. The two friends, stimulated by the enthusiasm of Riccardo Cerruti, Edgardo’s father and well-known art collector and helped by Dino Bugno, a Venetian gallerist, founded the Biale Cerruti Art Gallery in Siena on October 4, 1997, deciding to make a love out of one profession.

Davide dall’osso

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In un mondo "perfetto"

Davide Dall’Osso
June 4 – December 31, 2022

Caro Messer Durante D'Alighiero

Fabio Calvetti

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